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Custom Photo Bedding by VisionBedding

Until now, custom bedding has been an idea of the future - of a day when anything you can design can be put on your bedding and displayed in your bedroom. Now with your creativity and VisionBedding’s technology, you can put anything you can imagine on your personalized bedding. This includes photos, digital designs, and non digital images turned right into custom photo bedding.

Trying to find that one-of-a-kind design that no one seems to offer? Thats because there is no such thing as one-of-a-kind when your only options are mass-produced designs. By creating your own personalized bedding design, your bedding will truly be one in a million. Take inspiration from your favorite colors, the existing colors in a room or an object. You can even incorporate photos into your favorite photos of your friends, girlfriend / boyfriend, pets, etc., right into your comforter, duvet, or sheets.

Designing with Custom BeddingDon't be scared to try something new... using your photos and designs to create a custom bedding set, will make a great focal point in the bedroom. Bringing the eye towards the bed will draw your attention into the room; making a large room feel cozier and more relaxing and adding depth and dimension to a small room giving it a spacious feel! It’s a whole new era in decorating and you are in charge!

VisionBedding offers you unlimited choices - you get to pick your collage layout, border colors, add special text, and upload your own photos and designs. It's as easy as 1,2,3 and there’s always a customer service designer to help along the way. The most special way to display your favorite photos is no longer in a picture frame in the corner, but on your bedding, in your own relaxation haven of the house.
What Others Are Saying!

GREAT! They were very helpful in answering all of my questions and the custom bedding is beautiful! -- Tracey Nussbaum

My custom bedding was everything we had hoped for, a bargain at any price. Would recommend this as a great way to keep memories for the family. -- Dustin T Long

Date Added: 18 June, 2015

Photo Strapless Top Medium by Juanita Trejo-Beverly

The strapless top that was printed for me was very well made, I love it! Thank you! ~Jane from Naples, Florida


Date Added: 28 May, 2015

Photo Value King Top Sheet by Fonty Fox

My sheet turned out better than I ever imagined. Letting me submit a 1.5 Gig. file, to print my image from, resulted in such incredible accuracy, of the details and colors in the finished product, that it just blows me away. As a printmaker, I feel you have leaped me to create my largest masterpiece to date! Thank you, immensely! Fonty Fox


Date Added: 4 May, 2015

Photo Queen Fitted Bed Sheet by Autumn Peters

The product was constructed with higher quality fabric. The image was vibrant. The recipient was very pleased with the gift.


Date Added: 3 May, 2015

Photo Queen Fitted Bed Sheet by Charles Fulenwider

It was terrific. now I am ordering two pillows and a top sheet, but I cant find out to upload images again.


Date Added: 16 March, 2015

Photo USA Premium Queen/Full Duvet Cover by Robert Simpson

What can I say, as with ALL the other products I have received from vision bedding, I love this one too. Quality and just very cool stuff.


Date Added: 12 March, 2015

Photo USA Premium Queen/Full Comforter by Lui Gonzalez

My gf loved the blanket so much. I havnt bought many comforters in the past so I am not sure about the price ranges on good vs cheap ones. This one seemed a little on the high side to me but when it arrived it was totally worth it.


Date Added: 26 December, 2014

Photo USA Premium Queen/Full Comforter by robert bickel

You misspelled it ( ugh ). Shall I send you the email confirming the correct spelling....? Great artistic work and technology, but... How can you make the misspelling right now?


Date Added: 26 September, 2014

Photo Value Queen Top Sheet by Doretha Herald

I would like a final review of my order #29428 that is being shipped to confirm. The receipt number #1435229864.92A4 does not pull up anything. (?)