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When VisionBedding was started truly custom bedding was an idea of the future - a day when anything you can dream up can be put on your bedding and displayed in your perfect bedroom - including custom sizes. Now with your creativity and VisionBedding’s products, and special technology, you can print anything you can imagine onto your personalized bedding, whether it be a comforter, custom bed sheets, or just a pillow. This includes photos, digital designs, and non digital images printed right into custom photo bedding. All of our products are made to order and they also make a great gift - a popular choice is husbands creating a bed cover for their wife on their anniversary or Valentines day.  All of our personalization is FREE! Unless you demand something that will take our designers multiple hours to create we do all the monogramming, color changing, etc.. for FREE!

Trying to find that one-of-a-kind design that no one seems to offer? Thats because there is no such thing as one-of-a-kind when your only options are mass-produced designs. By creating your own personalized design, your bedding will truly be one in a million. Take inspiration from your favorite colors, the existing colors in a room or an object. You can even incorporate your favorite pics of your friends, girlfriend / boyfriend, pets, etc., right into the fabric on your comforter or duvet cover. We also have both custom top and fitted bed sheets so if you want to create a super special design on your custom sheets - you can do so - and hide it underneath your bed cover!

When creating your design, don't be scared to try something new... using your photos and designs to create a personalized bedding set, will make a great focal point in the bedroom. Bringing the eye towards the bed will draw your attention better into the room; making a large room feel cozier and more relaxing and adding depth and dimension to a small bedroom giving it a spacious feel! It’s a whole new era in decorating and you are in charge!

VisionBedding offers you unlimited choices - you get to pick your collage layout, background color, border colors, add special text, and upload your own photos and designs. It's as easy as 1,2,3 and there’s always a customer service designer to help along the way. The most special way to display your favorite photos is no longer in a picture frame in the corner, but on your bedding, in your own relaxation haven of the house. We can now do custom sizes in duvet covers and bed sheets in nearly any custom size - width or length. We got you covered on standard sizes, twin xl, full, queen, and even king!  Get two matching pillow cases or shams make a nice final touch.
So snuggle up with one of our custom comforters or duvets as they are warm and available in different soft fabrics and even get a cotton bottom.  Its important to mention we use the best process to specially dye your designs into quality fabric - our process does not alter the fabric texture! When it comes to custom bed sheets - we commonly get the question - are they truly soft?, because the customer is extra concerned about the sheets due to the fact they are sleeping direclty on them.  While they are not cotton - they are super soft, high quality, and they do not itch or bother your skin in anyway. Each night as you pull your covers off you could open up to a collage of your inspirational photos on your custom bed sheets!  As you lay your head down on the pillow you will fall asleep to sweet dreams of your creation. 

What Others Are Saying!

GREAT! They were very helpful in answering all of my questions and the custom comforter print is beautiful! -- Tracey Nussbaum

My custom size photo duvet cover was everything we had hoped for, a bargain at any price. Would recommend this as a great way to keep memories for the family. -- Dustin T Long
I just love my custom bed sheets - I created a personalized collage of different family pics and pictures I just loved to look at and what is great about the sheets is they match and fit the mattress, and I kept my regular bedroom color scheme and then when I pull my comforter off each night before bed I see my cool collage under the covers - these sheets rock! -- Stacey Ingramm
My custom comforter is awesome and super comfy - I had made a lot of requests to change the colors in the design, like make the background tan, and it turned out so well - thanks VisionBedding - Julie
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