Animal Pillows

If you want your head to rest as easy as a napping kitten's, then why not try VisionBedding's animal pillows?  These animal-themed pillows will convey all the comfort of a sleeping dog, and you won't have to lie about how easy it was to get comfy!  Whether you want a stretching bat beneath your head, or a jumping antelope, or a herd of bison, our wildlife images make the perfect addition to any plush pillow.

At VisionBedding we know that you're king of the jungle, so we offer full customization and personalization of products for that royal touch.  Would a snowbound bobcat make a chic statement in your home, but only if it were black-and-white?  Then sap the luminance for that timeless look.  Or, if you want a conversation starter in every room, try a whimsical bunny in the field with your own messages written below.  You can even use your own animal photos and illustrations if none of ours are what you're looking for through those eagles eyes.

Don't throw out the baby chimp with the bathwater!  Our animal throw pillows and pillow cases are an integral part of any bedding or comfort set-up in that animal den you call home.  

And the best part about animal pillows is that they can be included in every room, making a theme in your house so strong you'll begin your very own plush ecosystem.  Take that living room and accent it in themes of the panda, or create a rec room with collected and curated images of breathtaking birds.  We have so many animal options that you'll want to go two by two and fill up your whole home.  Just make sure that you keep predators and prey in different themed rooms!  Unless, that is, you want to walk on the wild side. We also have images of magical creatures such as dragons and unicorn. Pick a unicorn design for your pillows with a matching unicorn bedding for your little girl's bedroom.

These animal pillows are an ideal addition to any juvenile animal lover's room.  Your kids are the biggest animal fans you know, and imagine how happy they'll be to grab hold of their favorite furred friend as they go to sleep, sit on the couch, or have snack time. Roar your way to personalization around our animal-themed pillows.

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