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Cheetah Pillows

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Cheetahs are a marvel of nature. With our custom cheetah pillows, pillow cases and shams, you will make your home more exotic, exciting and beautiful. Smaller than their lion and tiger cousins, cheetahs use intelligence and camouflage to get close to a gazelle, then unleash their unrivaled speed to catch their prey, knocking it to the ground and strangling its throat with their powerful jaws. You might never get to Africa to see one in action, but you've seen the documentaries and now you can admire these incredible hunters by decorating with our pillows, including a lanky cheetah waiting patiently for a sign of prey in the dry grassy plains of the Serengeti, a cheetah with head lowered and legs ready to spring after a meal, the close-up of a cheetah baring its lower teeth at an unwanted guest, or a cheetah stalking quietly and almost invisibly in tall grass.

Cheetahs are affectionate with their mates. If you want a romantic throw pillow for you couch or to give as a gift, we have the perfect designs, such as two cheetahs lying together in green grass as one licks the others nose. Cheetahs are also affectionate with their young, and there is no sweeter image for a pillow than a pair of cheetah cubs stacked on top of each other beneath their sitting moms chest as they learn how to hiss at intruders.

For you own kids, we have a pillow with an adorable illustrated cheetah cub, with huge eyes and a gentle smile. But if you want to see action, choose pillows displaying four cheetahs hurtling their bodies across the plains, moving so fast that some of them are captured in midair by the photograph, with trees in the background and cloudy mountains on the horizon.

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