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Cheetah Blankets

You're mesmerized by a cheetah's piercing yellow eyes, by its unrivaled speed, its patience, its agility, its ferocity, and now you can enliven your home with images of this elegant predator by choosing our custom fleece cheetah blankets. A cheetah perches on a rock, staring out into the Serengeti, waiting for a sight of its favorite meal, the Thomson's gazelle. Imagine you were there, watching the cheetah as it stalked its prey, nearly disappearing into the dry grasses with its camouflaged fur, black spots on yellow and white. In a flash, it takes off, approaching sixty miles per hour it overtakes the helpless gazelle, tearing it to the ground with a shriek.

If the idea of a cheetah hunting is too violent for you, we also have blankets with pictures of cheetah cubs. As adorable and playful as a kitten, yet bigger than a grown house cat, a cheetah cub brings joy to look at, yet still hints at the killer it will become. For a romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, give them a cheetah throw blanket with the image of two cheetahs nuzzling, one licking the other's face, to keep them warm when they are curled up on the couch watching a movie and thinking about you.

If you want something even more powerful than a cheetah, we also have a blanket with photographic images of the cheetah's bigger cousin, the leopard, poised beneath a dark, lightning streaked sky. The aggression and skill of a cheetah make it an ideal symbol of business, so hang one of our cheetah blankets on your office wall to set the tone of dominance for your company. If you are a lover of animals, and especially the great cats of Africa, make them a bigger part of your life by adding our cheetah blankets to your life.

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