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Cheetah Bath Decor

Cheetah Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Whether you want just a hint of the wild in your decor or a full-on jungle, a cheetah needs to be in the mix. Put it there on custom shower curtains, with a cheetah watching your every move. Stretch its lean body and spotted coat across your shower in tall green grass or a dusty brown blur. Look into its golden eyes, black curves along its soft brown nose like war paint.

Stretch it to full length and let it bound across your bathroom in a black-spotted golden leap, three stripes at the end of its extended tail. From a cheetah saying Aaahhh for the animal doc, showing off its pointy teeth and curled pink tongue, to a tiny cub looking scared and alone against rosy brown rocks, its ears bigger than its head, these cheetah themed shower curtains give you very sweet cheetah imagery for your bathroom decor. Leave a very cool look in your bathroom with an almost shabby chic blur of a pale wooden fence behind a pair of cheetahs looking modern and clean in their spotted sleek coats, cream and taupe in their fur, keen interest in their eyes, on a custom shower curtain.

Chill with a silver cheetah on a gray rock, resting in a forest of curved branches and green leaves. Put the soft brown fur of a sleeping cheetah on custom size towels. Leave the Dalmatian coat of a cheetah like a statue on your bath mat, crisp and watchful against a blue of beige and blue.

Wake up with some very cool cats in your bathroom.

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