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Monkey Pillows

  • Custom Decorative Monkey Throw Pillows
  • Pillow Cases & Body Pillows
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Toss a few monkeys in the room on custom size pillows. Cute, energetic, and mischievous, these monkeys are little swingers ready to dance through your decor and leave their flirtatious charms around the house. Clutching bananas and swinging from vines, they pop out of jungles of muted blues and greens or lemon and leafy lime onto custom size monkey themed pillow shams. They curl their tails in vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry on custom monkey pillow cases.

They gaze back at you from atop a silvery rock on a custom throw pillow. Allow for a little monkey business with custom pillows. Let a monkey make off with a little teddy bear and a teething ring.

Put one at sea on a banana boat. Let monkeys steal the show from circus favorites, balancing on beach balls and doing high wire acts naturally. Put the bluish faces of golden snub-nosed monkeys on a custom size pillow sham.

Leave a tiny little squirrel monkey deciding which flower to pick to put behind its ear on a throw pillow. Let a Patas monkey chow down on a lime star fruit against an emerald green glow. Leave the red nose of a mandrill with its bright yellow fur against icy blue sea or let a gibbon stretch out in a jungle of bamboo on custom towels.

From hulking gorillas to gray baboons taking a midnight dip in silver mists and chimpanzees looking pensive in bright green jungle, monkey with your decor and throw some swingers in the mix.

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