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Are you hosting a party with an Aladdin or desert theme? If you are, our Camel Pillows will complement your theme party perfectly. You will find the desert animals, roaming a hot barren region or resting on the warm sand nearby a group of pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. Most pictures depict the animal, walking with their handler at sunset, with their shadow eclipsing the sun, disappearing into the horizon.

One image shows a group of camels, pausing to rest on a hilltop in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. In order for the camels to walk several miles without getting thirsty, the handlers fill up them up water prior to journeying out into the desert.

In Egypt, people depend on the animals to transport goods and that’s why, we have several pillows with images, depicting their nature of work. Camel owners use the animal for recreational purposes as well as shown on pillows, featuring people on the beach and in the desert, riding camels, led by a handler.

Do you want to see a camel cub? Refer to the picture, displaying the cub nestled into its mother whose hump is adorned with a decorative cloth. Several close-up shots of the camels reveal a goof expression on their face.

The stunning image of three wise men, traveling on camels, at sunset under the full moon, shows a silhouette of the riders and their ride. You can see the camels leaving their footprints in the sand, as they go towards the pyramids at daylight in the Sahara Desert.

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