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Shark Pillows

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As the top predators of the oceans, sharks are feared and admired like no other creature in the sea. Our shark pillows capture the power, size and ferocity of these giant fish with underwater photo images and realistic 3D illustrations. Other decorative pillows display artistically depicted hammerheads or grinning and goofy sharks in funny cartoon scenes that kids love. Start by adding edginess to your family room with pillow shams that picture a photo image of a fierce tiger shark prowling near the surface of gorgeous dark blue water.

These shark pillows give you the cool perspective of seeing the undersea hunter from below, as he peers upwards, waiting for prey to fall from a boat or splash in from the shore. Pair that with a Euro sham that gives sharks a cultural and arty feel, with a hammerhead shown covered in flowery and tribal patterns of turquoise, navy blue, gold and salmon. Kids are amazed by the legends of sharks.

So give your little boy a king size pillow that's big enough to portray one of these massive beasts. How about a blue cartoon shark who's smiling with his huge white teeth as he rushes up behind a scared pink fish? For a more innocent depiction of these famous killers, select a pillow case that shows a blue and white shark with a friendly grin. He's looking right at you with his black, green and yellow eyes.

We also have shark pillows that incorporate other amazing aspects of the oceans. These include a photograph of a sleek gray shark slithering by a coral reef on the ocean floor. The reef exhibited on these pillow shams is colored bright purple and red, as tiny orange fish swim through it.

Turn a whole bedroom into a scuba diver's view by also ordering our shark themed blankets and rugs.

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