Dragon Rugs

Webs Largest choices of Dragon themed home rugs. Every single design can be made into a specific size, or rug type such as a floor mat.

You can never be too young or too old to appreciate something a little fantastic. Why not nurture the imagination by letting fantasy creatures roam the floor? Dragon rugs featuring the creatures in all different colors and poses do more than just breathe fire - they fly into the room bringing fun, excitement, and a little bit of mystery. Whether they are showing off the creatures decked out in flames or guarding a castle, these floor decorations are impossible not to notice. Some fantasy lovers are all about the Gothic and mysterious look.

For a person with these interests, there are dragon rugs in dark color tones which show off the powerful and daunting beast protecting the territory of his dark castle. They make for a very interesting piece of interior decoration, but watch out, you do not want to trespass onto his territory and make him mad! Perhaps you are simply enthusiastic about being born in the Year of the Dragon! Decorating a room in ways that pay homage to the styles and trends of other cultures and nations is a very contemporary move. There are also dragon bedding sets which will fit in well with any Asian room theme.

In extravagant colors of rich reds and glimmering golds, these images will immediately call Asian traditions to mind. Every fan of fantasy loves a good dramatic scene with vivid colors and detailed pictures. Some of these floor rugs show off pictures of the mythical beings coasting across a fiery sky with wings spread, teeth bared, and every scale shining.

They are colorful, they are charismatic, they are even a bit scary, and they will be the first thing a visitor notices about the room upon entering. Putting these area rugs in a child's room might be a bit too scary, even if they are fantasy-oriented. What with the breathing of flames and bearing of teeth, these guys can look a bit like mean monsters.

There are dragon designs which are created to be a little more child-friendly, however. With smiling faces and softer colors, they will prove that they really just want to be your friend! There is no reason to take a bedroom or living space too seriously -- everyone needs a little fantasy every now and then. Ranging anywhere from terrifying and intimidating to fun and friendly, these creatures are just looking for a place to hang out and grace your floor.

Let these dragon rugs land in your area to protect the territory and ward off intruders!

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