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Castle Rugs

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Who doesn't dream of living in an ancient stone castle on a windswept moor, donning a suit of armor and riding out to battle on a white stallion to the sound of trumpets? Well, it may not be practical for us all to live in ancient stone buildings, but anyone who longs for the magic and charm of a bygone era cant help but feel enchanted by our collection of castle rugs. These impressive medieval structures conjure up images of dragons, wizards and princesses to be saved. And now they can help you decorate your castle with some old world style. Our most charming castle rugs feature many of the most stunning real castles from around the world, from neo-romantic style castles to the colorful spires of St.

Basils Cathedral. These structures started out as military defense structures, but they quickly became examples of the worlds emerging architectural genius, as the art of creating large, gorgeous castles became a sign of wealth and power. You can choose a castle custom size rug featuring your favorite castle style, including French palaces and ornate Japanese pagodas.

Any style will look beautiful in your home. Stylized cartoon versions of the real thing work well for kids who want to decorate their rooms in a fantasyland style. You'll find bright, shining castles with flags swirling atop the battlements and rainbows arcing across jewel-blue skies above the emerald landscape.

Such an image sets the theme for your child's own personal kingdom. Now, if you could just get them to clean it up once in a while.

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