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Animal Print Rugs

Take a step into the natural world with our animal print rugs.  Let your feet walk softly as a hunting predator's across the plush, animal-striped rugs in your home.  Try not to be afraid of stepping on a snakeskin rug, and keep your instincts in play while you feel the soft plush of a lion's mane beneath your feet.  No matter the animal print you choose, you can count on a wild walk through your comfy and newly decorated home.

VisionBedding's customization and personalization options will make a thinking animal of you.  Use any of our designs as is, or mix and match with your own photos and images to create rugs as personal to you as your own den.  Paint the snake-outline pattern in vivid colors, decrease the color saturation from a tiger print in order to make yourself a nice white-tiger rug, and even take our peacock feather and layer on a picture of yourself...or your favorite animal.  With so many options to mix and match, you'll have as many choices to make as there are beasts in the land, sea, and air.

Leave prints of classy style around your home with our wide variety of rugs.  Our round rugs can elevate a room from boring to chic faster than a sprinting cheetah, our area rugs can mark your territory in any room in your house, and our plush rugs can make your bedroom into a space as primal as the jungle.  We even offer floor mats that will keep those sensitive foot pads comfortable after a long walk in the savannah.  

Animal prints allow for themes that can create wild artistry in each room.  Whether you want to tailor your living room with a big cat theme or evolve your rec room with a vast array of different prints, from floor coverings to wall art, VisionBedding has you covered.  Our animal print rugs can be used to make a theme in any room, or add to an existing animal theme that you are already working with.  Try on a new skin with our clean snakeskin patterns, walk from jungle to forest to the wide open plains with our themed animal prints.

These rugs are perfect for the young naturalists in your house.  Let your child fully embrace their wild heart with a selection of animal print rugs for their room.  Your kids can be brash as peacocks and bold as lions if you dress up their rooms in animal print.  But be careful how you step...these rugs are soft, but with patterns like ours, they can bite back. 

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