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Cheetah Print Rugs

VisionBedding's cheetah print rugs are so cleverly crafted, you'll swear they're going to get up off the floor and pounce. Our rugs come in cheetah styles from the photo-realistic faux-fur of the fastest animal on land to abstract and stylized versions of that speeding cat's fur. Whether you're an animal lover who reads National Geographic or lover of chic style, or both, you'll adore our cheetah print rugs.

If our styles aren't fast enough for you, then why not design your own?  Here at VisionBedding, we offer full personalization and customization options so you can go wild as the cheetah in the savannah or as tame as one in a nature habitat.  Alter the luminance of those cheetah spots for brightness that'll be leaping from the floor, or dim the hues for a black and white cheetah pattern as clean as it is moody. Add your messages below for a rug that has your paw print, and even use your own cheetah photographs you took at the zoo.  

And color can be altered for a reimagined and multi-colored look at this quick cat: try a rainbow round rug, for instance. Get that area rug in half realistic hues and half psychedelic cheetah print to fill your space. Keep your feet under you while you're running with an abstract cheetah print floor mat, and lay down in comfort on a long-haired faux-fur plush rug.

Does the room need a suggestion of cheetah to complete that wildlife theme? Maybe the cheetah needs to get off the bed and walk the jungle floor with the rest of the striped and spotted crowd. Our cheetah print rugs are a great finishing touch to a wildlife room, and also for a room focusing just on cheetahs. And you can discourage other people from taking part in the animal fur trade by decorating your living room with custom rugs displaying stop signs painted with the patterns of cheetah fur, lion fur, and leopard fur. Kids love cheetahs because they are so similar house cats yet bigger, faster and more exotic, so try out a cheetah print rug in their room.

Cheetah rugs make a perfect gift for someone who needs a little excitement in their life. A man may not want to wear a cheetah print skirt, but he can certainly lay a cheetah print rug on his floor to let his date know that he has an untamed side. If you are bold enough, leave a cheetah print rug and a throw blanket on your living room floor to give your guests a hint of the excitement that being with you entails. You'll be walking on the wild side by definition over these cheetah print rugs.

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