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Cheetah Print Backdrops

Searching for that special backdrop to make your professional photographer studio be distinct.  We have over 350 Cheetah Print themed patterns to pick from which can spark a truly exclusive photo shoot.  Everyone of our photographer backdrops can be custom size from small as a few feet to 20 feet tall. Vision Bedding has the capacity to build a huge backdrop for your store or even a theatre backdrop as well.  We have mutliple backdrop fabric options to serve a multitude of desires from outdoor use to full block out, to shield the sun.

VisionBedding's cheetah print backdrops will add that wild and exotic touch to your photography shoots. Want the spots of the cat without the intense gaze and the stalking menace of a cheetah? Want them up close and furry, or maybe mixed up with other patches and stripes of wild things? Put a cheetah print backdrop in your studio and introduce nature's wildlife patterns. Perfect for fashion shoots or for a truly exotic touch in any shot, these cheetah print backdrops give you skins without snarls and fur without feet.

And if your photo-realistic backdrops and abstract backdrops aren't the cheetah print that makes you purr, then design your own. You're an artist, and we trust you to personalize and customize our cheetah print backdrops for that ideal design. Alter the luminance so your backdrop glows in savannah colors behind your subject, or go the other way and mute the hues for an artistic and clean black and white cheetah style. Add the name of the organization you're shooting for on the backdrops, or whatever personal message you want for a level of personalization as unique as a cheetah's fur. Even use your own cheetah photographs for that full-tilt sprint of individuality. Keep your photographs as wild as you subjects with VisionBedding's cheetah print backdrops. 

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