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Imagine your walls as an empty canvas prepped to be embellished. They’re dying for some excitement! You’re staring at four plain walls knowing you are the one with the paintbrush and you have the creative freedom to decorate them however you desire and you know exactly which way you’re going. When using Cheetah Print wall decor, you can satisfy your canvas with the style that is closest to your own. Additionally, you get to use the freedom to show your style in a variety of other ways as well, because you don’t want to have to decide on just one character trait to display! An artist never confines himself to a lone medium, so as a designer, it’s not wrong for you to implement other themed pieces of decor beside your Cheetah Print wall art. In fact, there are no rules at all! By not confining yourself to a mere one theme, you can construct a wall of decoration that can better convey your many loves and talents more easily than just one single theme might.
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