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Bat Rugs

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If you see a bat flying above your head, you are likely to scream in terror, unless you are vampire. Just kidding! Our collection of bat rugs may intrigue you if you like the batty creatures or you are hosting a vampire-themed party. Most people do not look down when they step on to rugs, but they will when they see an image of bats roaming the sky at sunset with trees and bushes covering half the sky.

You can also choose the rug, displaying the image of a single bat flying in the sky and close to the full moon at sunset. When large flocks of bats fly close together in the night, it can give you the creeps. Do you know what we call people who like to enter the bat cave at sunset with arrows in hand, only to disturb the sleeping creatures?—Witch hunters.

Do you want to see a bat, but not at night? See our rugs, featuring the creatures flying in broad daylight. You can enter their domain when they are deep in sleep and hanging down from the roof of the cave. Apart from realistic portrays of bats, our collection of Bat Rugs includes animated images.

One of our rugs displays a scarecrow at night with bats flying above it. Another rug features a family of bats hanging down from a tree branch and concealing part of the moon, on a night colored by the shade of purple. You can send us a picture of bats to place on the rug.

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