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Bat Window Curtains

  • Custom Size Window Curtains Made To Order In Variety of Fabrics Including Full Block Out Curtains, Drapes, & Valances

Why would you want to own a Bat window curtains? You may need it to complete your vampire room look, or you may like the evil little bloodsucking animals. Whatever your reason wanting to own one, you have come to the right place.

Bats like to fly in the night, amongst the trees and other animals of the nights, when the sky is a deep reddish-orange. At times, you may see a single bat flying at dusk under the sharp glare of the moon. Some bats like to fly with a companion, flying close to the ground at sunset. What will really give you the shivers is watching a colony of bats, circling a castle sitting at the top of a hill on a dark night. If you are curious to visit the bat cave, visit it in the morning to discover the colony of bats, sleeping upside down from the ceiling of the cave.

Little red flying foxes do not like to sleep in the caves, but instead, choose to sleep in trees. One of our design shows a bats, hanging upside down from tree branches with other bats joining them.

The bat, flying near the body of water at sunset, is a stunning image, showing the bat in mid-flight. Have you ever encountered a vampire bat? Vampire bats are the only type of bats that can maneuver on land and they like the taste of human blood. If you want to view them, refer to our curtains instead of viewing the real thing.

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