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Bat Blankets

The thought of having bats in your home is frightening to a lot of people. However, from the safe comfort of bat blankets, you can enjoy these astonishing specimens in their natural habitats without worry. There are 1,240 different bat species in the world, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Thus, you have a lot of options in selecting one to star in the design of your bat fleece blankets. One of the things people don’t often realize or appreciate about many species is their massive wing spans. The Bats Flying layout gives you a glimpse at just how broad their wings can be, with the black silhouette of the creature dominating the beige and gray-colored sky in the backdrop. The Flying Fox on Blue Sky is another perspective on one of the largest types of bats with a wide wing span. You get a great view of the brown mammal in contrast to the vivid blue and white sky backdrop. For a completely different bat bedding look, the Group of Greater Horseshoe Bat design shows off hundreds of the sleeping bats in their cave dwellings. This layout is a great fit for a real bat enthusiast. One of the reasons bats get a bad rap is their association with the spookiness of Halloween. Maybe you don’t want bat blankets year round, but you can accessorize your holiday décor with Creepy Halloween Scene or the Haunted Hill bat fleece blankets. The former projects a dark, scary night with a small black bat in flight, and the bright yellow moon in the background. The latter depicts several winged animals hovering around a black haunted house with orange sky. Love bats but don’t see a design you prefer? Send us your own image and we will create custom bat throws for you!

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