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Giraffe Rugs

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We just cant seem to get enough of giraffes. Maybe its the long, elegant necks supported by such a proportionally small body on thin, spindly legs. It could even be their strangely black tongues (Did you know a giraffes tongue is dark black?). Either way, people just seem to go crazy over the great spotted beasts, and you can bring them home on an elegant photo realistic giraffe rug for your room.

They really are strange, but beautiful, creatures when you think about it. Just look at some of these area rug designs, with the animals towering above the ground, their long necks stretching up into the highest tree branches. One of our best giraffe rugs shows a herd of them galloping across the open savannah, kicking up dust in all around as their heads remain stretched up against the azure African sky.

Simply gorgeous. And just as lovely are the natural habitats that these incredible animals call home; rugs with giraffes foraging in the African woodlands or running across the Serengeti are some of the most beautiful depictions of these great beasts that you could possibly have in your home. Children are particularly fond of giraffes, and we have many cartoon giraffe rugs.

Its probably the spots that get kids the most. They make the animals seem colored on purpose instead of for camouflage to help them avoid predators. Kids will love the rugs with animated and real-life giraffes alike.

The sweetest images are of mother giraffes with their calves or mated adults with their long, spotted necks intertwined. Even if you aren't necessarily an animal lover, you heart cant help but melt at the site of these beautiful creatures.

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