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Giraffe Wall Art

1. Custom Size Giraffe Wall Murals      2. Wall Hangings & Tapestries        3. Gallery Canvas Wraps

Giraffes are a favorite animal of children and adults because they are so different than any other species. Enjoy the sight of these amazing creatures in your home with our giraffe wall art. Turn your living room into a patch of the African savanna with a wall mural or wall hanging displaying a panoramic scene of giraffes in their native environment. Choose a stunning vista, such as five giraffes photographed as they gallop across a vast, dry plain.

The giraffes are kicking up dust as they run, and white clouds are blowing along the gray mountains that sit on the horizon. Or decorate with a canvas wrap that shows the close up photo of a single giraffe who is peering at you with his black eyes. Behind this giraffe you can see the brown grasses and sprawling trees of the Serengeti, as well as mist shrouded mountains in the distance.

Then give your kids the joyful sight of giraffes in their room with giraffe wall art as depicted on posters and wall decals. They'll laugh at a pair of giraffes rubbing their heads together and smile at a mother giraffe nuzzling her baby. They'll be amazed to see wall art showing giraffes reaching their heads to the tops of trees and inspired to explore nature by the image of three giraffe silhouettes standing at the edge of a pond under an orange sky at dusk.

For little kids, pick out giraffe wall art featuring one of these tall animals making a funny face as he chews leaves and looks down at you. We also have wall stickers that feature cartoon giraffes. These include a sweet baby giraffe breaking off a leafy tree branch in its mouth and a giraffe hanging out with a lion, elephant, hippo and zebra.

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