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Hippo Rugs

Largest selection of Hippo styled area rugs. Every single graphic can be made into a specific size, or rug style such as a plush rug.

If you like hippos or cute animals then you will love these custom hippo rugs! Cute and creative hippo cartoons and pictures can be made into the perfect rug for a children's room or nursery. There are happy hippos, sad hippos, funny hippos, realistic hippos, and adorable hippos! A cute cartoon that is sure to warm your heart is a plump purple hippo that has a sheepish grin on her face as she looks up at the sky with her pink umbrella. Add humor to a room by getting a hippo rug that is funny! Try the cartoon with an adorable, purple hippo that is trying to play tennis but managed to get two tennis balls stuck in his nose. He has a surprised and worried look on his face that makes you smile.

Another hippo is a pink one that has grabbed hold of a green balloon and been lifted into the air unintentionally. He is wiggling his legs around with a worried expression as he wonders what to do. Or put a pink goofy looking hippo on your rug that appears like he's been caught in mid-laugh.

Try a different cartoon style on your hippo rug with a yellow baby in a pastel colored background with trees and a blue sky. Add love and harmony to your decor with the image of an orange mommy and baby hippo lovingly looking at each other in a happy blue background with palm trees swaying in the wind. Get hippo rugs with character using a cartoon scene with tons of different wide-eyed animals in a dessert terrain.

This cartoon features a many animals such as the lion, giraffe, hippo, parrot, alligator, snake, camel, and tiger. Use this rug to teach kids about the different kinds of animals!.

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