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Funny Rugs

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Have a laugh every time you walk in your door with these hilariously funny rugs! Decide between cartoon comics, cute images, ironic images, and oxymorons! VisionBedding features several comics that are sure to have you cracking up. Giggle at the comic with two birds sitting on a branch. One has an extra long beak so the other bird says Hey.

why the long face?. The bird with the long beak stares off with an irritated expression that's funny and cute. Another great comic takes place on a bathroom counter with a toothbrush and a roll of toilet pager.

The toothbrush says, Sometimes I feel that I have the worst job in the world!. So the toilet paper replies, Ya.

Right!. Make your friends laugh with the hilarious cartoon comic with a patient at a psychiatrists office saying, I keep experiencing dj vu. So the psychiatrist replies, We talked about this yesterday.

If you enjoy comedy this is the way to go with your funny rug. Take a dip into irony with the image of a chicken sitting in a cooking pot that says, Laugh a little each day- its better than chicken soup. At least that's what the chickens say. Another great image is that on a branch that is sawing at the very branch he is standing on. A comic that is both true and funny is one with female and make stick figures.

The girl has a heart on her chest and the male has a heart on his crotch. Need a funny rug for the kids, just browse through the adorable, heart warming pictures such as the little chick sitting on the back of a bunny that's surrounded by colorful Easter eggs.

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