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Funny Wall Art

If you love to laugh, give yourself laughter every time you look at your walls with our Funny Wall Art. Make those around you laugh as well when they see your new custom wall art or read the funny designs you give to them for their birthday or any occasion. Choose a unique poster or wall mural design that displays your favorite jokes from our many one of a kind scenes. If you like dark humor, choose a Funny Wall Art design such as a simply drawn man that is sitting at a table with a bottle of wine and plates on top of it and a knocked over chair beside it, as a woman is carried away on a stretcher.

The caption in the cartoon says, Kevin decided he should take cooking classes before looking for another girlfriend. In another scene, this same character is seen kneeling in front of a desk with his hands held in a begging position, while the caption says, Kevin's salary review with his boss was not going too well. No matter what style of humor you prefer there is bound to be a design you love.

You can also have your choice of Funny Wall Art depicted on custom wall hangings and gallery wraps. Decorate with a hilarious comic such as two hamburgers sitting below a sign that says Hamburger Humor, with a note posted on one of the burgers that says Bite Me. Give a golfer a funny design with golf humor, like our cartoon of a golfer watching his drive fly through the air while he wears a shirt that says, How's My Driving? 1-800-555-FORE.

We also have wall stickers that are ideal for kids to hang in their rooms. Little kids will laugh at wall art featuring a kitten wearing a frog costume or a skinny Chihuahua with huge black bulging eyes. Older kids will love wall art that shows a sweet dog sleeping next to a sign that says Beware of Dog.

From kids to adults there are more than enough custom funny designs to go around.

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