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Funny Window Curtains

Pretty hard not to wake with a smile if you have a soft brown, long-haired dachshund rocking out to its private playlist through the headphones of an IPOD on custom window curtains. Or a funny bunny looking like a black and white floppy-eared Daisy in its rose-colored sunglasses. Maybe what will make you laugh is a bulldog sleeping off too much champagne at its birthday party, still in coned hat with a chocolate frosted cupcake by its side or the pearly white grin of a gray and brown Yorkie. Leave a couple of white breasted penguins wondering about the little tree growing on the arctic ice in crisp blue and white funny themed window curtains.

Its pretty cute when a baby yawns, soft and pink in the tucks and folds of a white fleece blanket. You can leave the ears of a beagle raised at the start of a howl. Tickle yourself pink with a bulldog in a bunny suit.

Grin at the Labrador taking itself for a walk, red leash in mouth. Hang a teddy bear up with the wash in cloudy blue skies. Rest an Easter chick on a snow white bunny, or look back at the fuzzy ears of a soft brown and white cow.

Leave Newton scratching his head. Whether you want to pull a carrot out of the hat or wait for an ace to jump through a hoop, there's a kind of magic in these custom size funny themed window curtains that leave you with a smile.

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