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Hippo Bath Decor

Share your bathtub with a purple hippo. Yes, a purple hippo. Give it polka-dotted swimmers and snorkeling gear. Or a few rubber hippos to float In the tub.

Let it land with a turquoise splash, or brush the dirt off its back. Make its back a card table for a couple of beavers. Leave a giant yawn against a golden blur.

Put a tiny little piglet next to a big gray hippo, or let it lead the way up the river, looking like a guide dog for a rusted hippopotamus. Look down at two enormous teeth in a mouth opened against a green river, or let a hippopotamus drink by the shore on a custom shower curtain. Leave a couple of smooth fat hippo backs on custom towels.

Leave a dark brown hippo in bright green grass, or coming up out of silver water like a rubber bumper on a dark nose with brown eyes. Turn the river golden under its gleaming gray back. Look one in the eye, its giant nose spread across a custom size towel.

Look into the sleepy eye and folded neck of a hippopotamus, or leave its pink mouth squirting water up at you from a custom hippo bath mat. Whether love-struck in Paradise Pond or sun dappled and silver, grazing on fresh green grass and waddling in the shade, let hippo themed designs bring their purple pirouettes and their eggplant hides disappearing into green water to your bathroom decor for a super sized start to your day.

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