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Custom Shower Curtains, Photo Towels, & Bathmats - For A New Or Remodeled Bathroom

When people build or remodel a home, they may want to customize certain areas of the home to truly make it their own. The bathroom is often one of these areas with more flexibility and privacy than other rooms may offer. However the bathroom is often neglected which is surprising, considering how much time many people spend there. If the decision is made to make it truly unique then a photo shower curtains is your best choice.

Rather than settling for the limited colors and designs available in stores, people can create their own custom shower curtains. When we think of ordering a shower curtain, we never dream that we can provide our own photograph, let alone an assortment of them. To create a custom shower curtain, customers submit up to 20 photographs to be specially dyed into the curtain fabric. If you supply just one photo, this image will cover the entire top of the curtain. As many as 20 photos can be displayed in a standard grid layout, perfect for a growth timeline of a child. However, the most unique way to design custom bath curtains is to select from one of the attractive collage designs and submit an assortment of photos of friends, family, the sports team, or even the family pet!

Custom shower curtains may cost more than a boring shower curtain available in the store but they are well worth it. They allow people to capture their memories and display them in a unique way. Whether they want to highlight one special moment or include all the pictures from a recent vacation, people can do it in a manner much better than purchasing a bunch of picture frames.

Date Added: 18 December, 2012

Photo Beach Towel by Robert Simpson

Awesome towel. The picture came out very nice and the towel is of high quality. I will be a repeat customer.


Date Added: 13 July, 2012

Photo Shower Curtain by Brandon Haug

you guys did an outstanding job! thank you so much! the colors are rich and just right. I am entirely happy with my new shower curtain!