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Whale Rugs

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At VisionBedding, there are many varieties of whale rugs which you can add to your whale or sea-life themed room, which would tie the whole concept of the room quite nicely. Wildlife themed rooms are usually flexible when it comes to being age-specific, and VisionBedding gives you a lot of choice when it comes to your whale rugs. You have a vast selection of pictorial whale rugs, which you can pick and choose as per your requirements. Whales are amongst one of the most majestic creatures on our planet.

There have been plenty of legends and tales about whales about infamous captures, deadly encounters and the wondrous amazement felt by human beings if they had ever come up close with a real life whale. As a whale themed bedroom is appropriate for both boys and girls, you should have no problems in deciding what type of a rug you would want for your child's room. There are a lot of cute cartoon whale rugs, with adorable blue whales smiling up at you while squirting water out of their blow-holes.

There are also some rugs with a picture of a happily swimming whale under a bright rainbow, and whales jumping into the ocean with only their tails visible, in a striking blue and grey palette. There is hardly anyone amongst us that didn't shed a tear while watching the classic movie Free Willy. If you want your room to reflect upon the memorable movie, there are some whale rugs available with real life pictures of Orca Whales (Killer Whales like Willy) jumping and diving out of the ocean, and cartoon diagram depictions of the same whale.

There is also a humorous whale rug, in which an Orca Whale is flexing its fins, like a bodybuilder would flex his muscles. You can create your own whale utopia with a whale rug that shows just that, done up in happy colors like fuchsia, magenta and orange. Or you can create your own version and get VisionBedding to make you your own customized whale rug, helping you create the perfect whale themed room that you imagined.

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