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Whale Bath Decor

Whale Shower Curtains

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Take a dip in the deep blue water of the ocean and be surrounded by enormous gentle whales with these custom bathroom decor items. One of natures most loved animals is found on our whale shower curtains and creates a splendid underwater theme in any bathroom. You don't have to be a marine biologist to appreciate the friendly nature and innate intrigue that these huge sea mammals have to offer. Once you've seen a whale performing tricks at your local zoo or marine center or caught a glimpse of their gargantuan but sleek bodies hurling themselves out of the water in the wild, you cannot fail to see why movies like Free Willy were so popular and why every year thousands of people try to protect these unique animals.

Give your bathroom a new twist by adding shower curtains or bath mats adorned with an illustration of the largest animal in the world, the mighty blue whale, even if you could never actually fit one inside your entire house. The grace that a huge orca whale can display is almost unbelievable, especially when shown on quality bath and hand towels that catch a front row glimpse of one of these stunning mammals soaring through the air. Often we only catch a glimpse of a whales tail making a big splash as it slaps the blue oceanic water, but sometimes we are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to see a full display of these fantastic creatures.

By matching our bath and hand towels to our shower curtains and bath mats, you instantly turn your bathroom into your very own Sea World or Moby Dick adventure. Feel free to get carried away on with the currents, we have whale bedding, whale window curtains and whale wall murals to fulfill your love for these lovable animals. The smiling faces of illustrated cartoon whales are perfect for young children's rooms who love nature and a great way to give them an appreciation for the beauty of the wild world.

Taking a bath could be like taking a swim with your very own whale companion as it lazily slides along through your bathtub water.

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