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Ice Skating Rugs

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Dive into the graceful sport of skating with these custom ice skating rugs! Ice skating is both graceful and challenging. The smooth movements and complicated choreography make it a mesmerizing sport to watch. Add a piece of the graceful beauty to your home with these ice skating rugs! An eye catching design that will grab your attention is one with the black silhouette of an ice skater holder her leg back and stretching out in front of her with perfect balance. Behind her is a multi-colored background with pink, blue, green, and orange that makes the skaters silhouette stand out even more.

Another beautifully designed ice skating rug features a black silhouetted ice skater bending backwards and up into a difficult, yet graceful maneuver. The skater is in front of a dark and light purple background that ripples across the image. Scattered throughout the background is a pattern of circles in various sizes and colors that compliment the skater and the purple background.

Through the middle is two lines swirled around each other to create the feel of movement as she spins across the ice. Try the dramatic photo of an ice skater standing in the elegant starting position ready to begin her performance. The background is black with only a portion of the icy stage being visible.

The skater is wearing a purple leotard with her leg back behind her and her upper body and head facing upward in a confident and graceful manner. Showcase the art of ice skating with a rug that features the legs of an ice skater that is ready to take on the ice. A pair of colorful scrunched up pink and red striped leggings contrast in an artsy way with the pure white ice skates and the white tights.

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