Blue Floral Rugs

Webs Largest choices of Blue Floral styled home rugs. Every single print can be a custom size, or rug type such as a floor mat.

Our custom sized blue floral rugs will give your home a cool, relaxing, and aquatic mood. Cover your living room floor with a carpet rug depicting a light blue flowing abstract flower design set against pure white, simple, geometrical light and dark blue leaves and flowers with greens stems, or an elaborate scene of flowing white, blue and purple flowers with black spotted yellow butterflies, bubbles and musical notes flying around them. If you prefer a simpler rug design, choose a single blue and white flower sitting in a snowy blue background, a close-up of a daisy with yellow pistils, white petals and a green stem set against a blue sky with sparse white billowing clouds, blue stripes and wheel shaped blue flowers, or two illustrated dandelions with a green stem, a pure blue sky, and white musical notes flowing into the breeze in place of petals. A blue floral area rug will brighten up any room and will definitely match a blue floral wall mural, so add one of ours designed with a Turkish tile style seamless pattern, blue and white spring flowers and stems set diagonally halfway across a white background, white and dark blue flowers and trees with a dash of yellow leaves against a blue background, a close-up of a blue anemone flower with a blue haze behind it, or a bundle of bluish white effervescent hydrangea flowers sparkling in bright white light.

These are just some of our many designs, but if you want your own design, you can definitely get a custom photo rug for a more personalized decor.  A few others include a field of yellowish white tulips sitting delicately atop their long green stems beneath the sky, a blue on white illustration of a flower with three butterflies hovering over it, a cluster of five deep blue cornflowers, and a simply drawn dragonfly soaring over three dandelions.

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