Boys Shower Curtains & Bath Decor

If you want to make the boys in your life happy, decorate their bathroom with our boy's bath decor. Do you know what your boys go crazy for? How about big, powerful machines? Then choose boys shower curtains featuring a massive yellow backhoe cruising across green grass, a dusty bulldozer at a construction yard, or a black and yellow striped “Work in Progress” sign. Boys also love extreme sports, so they’ll be excited to see their new shower curtains displaying a motocross biker leaping off a ramp and doing a daring handstand on his motorcycle, a surfer catching a colossal wave as it curls over his head, or a skateboarder flipping his board in the air as he flies across a parking lot.

And if your boy doesn't enjoy any of our themes, or perhaps is just particular in his tastes, then why not design your own bath decor?  Here at VisionBedding, we offer full personalization and customization options so you can create the bath decor that fits your boys' space or sports dreams.  Add to the luminance of those safari creatures for animals that will leap off the shower curtain.  Or, sap their hues and make a black and white lion that your child will love, all the while keeping his bathroom a clean and simple space.  Reimage the bathmat by layering your own photos of your son.  Add text and messages to towels for items that your son will remember fondly when he has grown up, especially if those messages feature his name or sports number.

We also have custom bath curtains, mats, and towels depicting other boys themes, including robots, football, basketball, and cars.  These decor items all come in custom sizes so you can have, for instance, a full-size rhino face emblazoned on your son's custom size shower curtain.  Try a bath mat with the beautiful cityscape.  Go with a towel featuring masculine abstract patterns for a more design-conscious boy.  You can even add a wall art away from the shower area inside your boy's bathroom to complete its look. You know what your kid needs, after all, so get it for them!

What else do boys want? Create a themed bath surrounding your boy's interests. We have towels designed with wildlife, the bigger and hungrier the better, such as a leopard with its head slung low as it stalks its prey, an up close shot of a lion’s face and flowing mane as it gazes into the distance, or a grey and scar covered rhinoceros charging across a field. And of course boys love music, and most of all, guitars, so give them a matching a matching towel and bath mat with a black electric guitar immersed in flames or a red and white guitar with lightning exploding in the sky behind it. Then complete this tailored boys bathroom by adding shower curtains with the ultimate fantasy of every boy: space, as seen in designs such as an orange and yellow spiral galaxy glowing in some distance part of the universe, or an illustration of the Earth, Saturn and other planets with rocket ships and a UFO flying between them.

This boys bath decor is ideal for any family with one son or many.  You do the designing around the house, after all, and nobody knows your boy better than you do. Let your boy feel embraced by his passions in his everyday life.  While he brushes his teeth for school, he'll be gazing at images that fit his interests.  From rocket ships to racecars, we have the designs and patterns that will send your kid to the moon or perhaps down the track... all without leaving their bathroom. 

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