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Rainforest Bath Decor

Start your day in a rainforest with custom shower curtains and leafy paths in ghostly hollows, fresh water gushing down the green hillside, colorful birds perched on branches. Hang waterfalls behind lime green ferny palm fronds and gush a river through the forest. Step out of the shower onto a leafy rainforest bath mat, and towel off with the silvery gold of morning on your custom towels. Step into a river of jade with a shallow waterfall hung between leafy trees.

Walk a path in green forest fog. Make it silver mist or dew on blades of grass. Step into a rainforest with these custom designs.

Put yellow-beaked toucans and red-eyed tree frogs on custom rainforest towels. Leave the ivies and greens of a rainforest across your shower on a custom curtain. Let waterfalls cascade into a silvery blue river under pink skies.

Ripple silver into gray under lime green bamboo. Dry off in a fairy forest of pinewood or the bluish fog of morning hung between dark hills on rainforest themed towels. Put the wooden rope bridge to a dense green jungle under your feet.

Suspend a clear drop of water above a turquoise pool against a lime green blur on a rainforest shower curtain. Leave a glittering pond of aquamarine in a rainforest, fed by spouts of white water from green cliffs, shining in your bathroom. From bright blue monarch butterflies to the dotted teal, sage, and brown of a chameleons bumpy skin, these custom rainforest designs will leave you in the jungle.

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