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Rainforest Backdrops

Searching for an exclusive backdrop to make your professional photo sudio stand out.  We carry over 100 Rainforest themed patterns to select from which can make a really rare photo shoot.  All of our photo backdrops can be custom size from tiny to to as wide as you need. VisionBedding has the facility to build a huge backdrop for your business or even a theatre backdrop as well.  We have mutliple backdrop fabrics to serve a wide range of desires from outdoor use to full black out fabric, to shield from the sun.

Vision Bedding’s rainforest backdrops can help you design a tropical theme for your photo shoot. On our backdrops, you will images of waterfalls, streaming down into the pond, parrots, sitting together on a tree branch during a cloudy day, and frogs, sitting on a leaf.

Our red poison frog backdrop features a red frog with black dots sitting still on a leaf. From the parrot backdrops, you can select the backdrop with four parrots perched on the branch or three multicolored scarlet macaws sitting high above the ground on a tree branch.

From our waterfall backdrops, refer to the backdrops featuring water flowing down from several openings in the bedrock and the image of a waterfall surrounded with green trees. The shadow of frog backdrop depicts a silhouette of the animal sticking to the surface.

The jungle backdrop represents a day in the forest with exotic birds flying in the sky and surrounded by lush, green palm trees. The tropic background backdrop features a red, blue, and white parrots perched on the side of the palm tree with flowers and grass on the ground. The illustration of the tropical forest backdrop depicts a realistic version of the forest with trees crowding in the center to create an opening and from it; the sun finds a gap to shine through.

The ancient forest backdrop gives a glimpse of the tropical forest as it looked in the past. The Millaa Millaa Falls backdrop features an actual picture of a tropical forest. The lush jungle backdrop illustrates a cluster of trees.

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