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Rainforest Blankets

Rainforests are the lungs of Earth, giving off the oxygen we need to survive, so celebrate these incredible ecosystems with our custom rain forest blankets. Bring the remotest rainforests into your room with bed blankets displaying four red, blue and yellow parrots chilling out on an old tree limb, a young toucan with an amazing purple, blue, yellow and red beak crouching to a branch, a wide angle photographic image of an endless green rainforest beneath a gray, lightning filled sky, or a wooden rope bridge dangling across a river in Thailand. The sound of rain or rushing water helps people sleep, and you'll imagine that peaceful sound as you drift off beneath our fleece rainforest blankets depicting a rocky, sunlit waterfall cascading into a bright blue pool, a towering waterfall pouring down a steep cliff face beside colorful trees, the close-up of a raindrop descending from the tip of a green leaf, or a gentle waterfall dropping over the outside of a cave. Decorate any room in your house with a rainforest throw blanket hung on the wall or draped over a chair or sofa, featuring the spectacular animals that dwell in rainforests, such as a black, white, blue and yellow spotted frog reflected into the water below his lily pad, a green gecko with pink spots on his back clinging to a leaf, an adorable black and white baby monkey chewing on a stem, or one of the most bizarre looking creatures in the word, a sloth hanging to a tree branch with his long claws and looking curiously at you.

We even have a rainforest blanket design of indigenous people, with an old man and a young woman wearing traditional red face paint and flowered headwear, to make your home feel more like an intimate part of the huge planet Earth.

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