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When decorating the home, people have many opportunities to express themselves. The bathroom is one place that offers a lot of creative license. It can feature decor that is cute, traditional, lavish, or uniquely expresses interests of the homeowner. Astronaut shower curtains allow people with a love for space exploration to show it off in the bathroom.

This is an original way for someone to broadcast an interest in what exists beyond our planet. Many shoppers are not aware that over 200 designs of astronaut shower curtains are available at VisionBedding. com.

This is such a niche product; it is difficult to believe that such variety exists. There are also plenty of bathroom accessory sets in this theme, allowing people to create an outer space environment within their bathrooms. Anyone who is fascinated by space travel can create true bliss with a themed shower liner and bath accessories.

One of the most awe-inspiring astronaut shower curtains features a space rocket taking off into the night sky. With palm trees in the foreground and a huge cloud of smoke billowing underneath it, the rocket is pointed toward space, ready to see what is out there. Equally impressive is a curtain depicting a space shuttle launch, carrying astronauts into the great beyond.

We can only imagine the excitement and nervousness experienced by those on board as they venture into uncharted territory. Most of us only see space from our television sets. We can now see it on astronaut shower curtains that feature photo-quality images of space from the perspective of an astronaut.

A picture of a man on the moon holding an American flag is truly inspiring, as it highlights the research and dedication of the U. S. space program.

Renderings of astronauts floating in space or performing maintenance tasks put the importance and risk of this work into perspective. Astronaut shower curtains also capture the lighter side of space exploration. Cartoon bath curtains designs are created for a child's bathroom and feature little astronauts happily floating in space or standing on a planet.

The smallest space lovers will enjoy a design that features astronauts, robots, space creatures, and planets. Cartoons of an astronaut leaping over the moon and one having an encounter with an alien holding an American flag add some humor to the bathroom. Some children are as fascinated by space machines as they are by astronauts.

For them, astronaut decor featuring cartoon versions of different space shuttles is perfect. Parents can add bathroom sets that follow the space theme such as a space shuttle soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Bath accessories like a planet-shaped sponge and glow in the dark space chalk for the bathroom tile make bath time fun.

Astronaut shower curtains are suitable for the bathrooms of adults and children. Shoppers select the design they want printed on the front of the curtain. They may also add a personalized message imprinted in the font and color of their choosing.

Adding bathroom accessories sets turns the room into a space dream.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!