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Astronaut Rugs

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Start the countdown: 321BLAST OFF! Get ready to rocket into outer space with our fun and exciting astronaut rugs, featuring otherworldly images of moon landers, rovers, satellites and astronauts drifting through the weightless void that is the cosmos. Any child (or inner child) cant help but fantasize about donning their own spacesuit and hopping aboard their own personal spacecraft. Now you can make that sci-fi dream a part of your room decor with the astronaut area rugs you'll find here. Ever since we've been staring up at the skies, human beings have been speculating and dreaming about traveling those heavenly spheres, and it was only in the last 60 years that breaking out of our planets strong gravitational grasp and traveling to the moon, our nearest astronomical relative, became a reality for Earths astronauts.

Our area rugs pay tribute to these amazing explorers who brave the harshness of space to discover new worlds and advance the footprint of humanity even further into our vast universe. You'll see the traditional, bulky, white spacesuits that we've come to associate with the orbit-bound men and women who step aboard the space shuttle, as well as more creative space age rug designs featuring astronauts more fitting science fiction than reality. But the life of even our modern space travelers is so close to breaking into the realm of science fiction, it somehow doesn't seem out of place.

And even the more cartoonish rug designs, with illustrated planets, stars and space rockets stay true to form with the oversized helmets and eerie lunar landscapes that we've come to associate with those very few men and women who have ventured into space.

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