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Wolf Bath Decor

Let a wolf blackened by night howl at a full white moon on a custom wolf shower curtain. With misty mountains and starry skies behind it in silvery blue charcoals, it stretches its neck and its wild yearnings into the endless night. Or let one call to its friends on a field of snow, backed by the colors of timber stands draped with snow, creamy against the whiteness of it all. Perch it atop a snow-frosted rock, its German Shepherd coat giving way to the silver and gray of a white-bellied wolf, waiting against a blur of icy blue and gray.

Let an arctic wolf move across thick slabs of snow on your shower curtain, white fur dusted with cocoa like the wind-swept shadows in snowy recesses. This collection of custom wolf designs gives you everything you need to bring the wildness and the cuddly fur of a wolf to your bathroom decor. Bring its soft face and jade eyes to custom size towels.

Leave it in lion-colored sheep's wool, howling against the mocha bark of trees clustered together for warmth. Let it raise its head in independent freedom under royal purple skies with a huge white moon behind a bare branched tree on your custom size bath mat. Leave its golden brown eyes in the silvery charcoal ash of its face and a menacing snarl on your bathroom floor.

Let it walk the floor with a gleam on its golden brown nose and bring it out of the forest into your decor on custom towels and window curtains. Hear the call of the wild with wolves living in your bathroom.

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