Boys Rugs

Worlds biggest choices of Boys themed rugs. Every graphic can be made into a custom size, or rug format such as a round rug.

There’s a reason for the saying, “Boys will be boys.” The little rug rats simply can’t help but be the rambunctious, active little people they are. That’s not to say that all boys have the same personalities, but it’s amazing how much their interests seem to overlap, even from a very early age. Our boy's rugs reflect those interests, with design subjects ranging from sports to jets to dinosaurs. We carry the rugs that will fit perfectly for any boy’s room, no matter what his style is.

If our designs aren't what your boy wants to stand on, then create your own rugs.  We offer full personalization and customization options so each rug can be as special as each of your sons.  Try and alter the luminance for dinosaur eyes that stare balefully up from a plush rug.  Drop the hues for a monochrome and moody black and white biplane.  Reimage that photo of your boy on the soccer field by layer their photo onto a rug, then add their jersey number below.  Our custom rug options can be timeless, chich, and artistic...and your boy will love them, too.

And the rug style is not the only way to customize, because you can also get a custom size rug for your boy's bedroom.  We also offer a variety of standard sized rugs in several styles.  Try a round rug showing that round moon for your boy's bedroom, or go with an area rug featuring the massive print of a dinosaur for the rec room.  Go with a plush rug with an airplane flying through plush clouds, and even get a floor mat showing the desert so your boys don't slip after playing in the sprinkler.

A rug can really tie a room together, and when you select a rug for a specific boy's theme you'll find that your home decor will become elevated.  No matter if you're talking bedroom, rec room, or another room your little monster's hang out in, we have rugs that will fit an existing theme or create one from the ground floor.  Boys love cars. Scratch that: boys love vehicles of any sort. Fire engines, police cars, jeeps, convertibles, pickups, big-rigs — if it has four wheels, they can’t seem to get enough. In fact, pretty much all types of machines are fair game, and we have boys custom size rugs with the robots, tanks, helicopters and other manly hardware will inspire all sorts of racing and smashing at the local sandbox.  If you want to go for a different theme, then why not try nature?  Go with the biggest animals you can find. Whether it’s our animal print floor coverings or scenic rugs of critters in their natural habitats, boys simply love the wild things that roam the outer reaches. And if you can’t find any animal designs to inspire the boys, you’re sure to find some mythical creatures here that will spark their imaginations. You will never ran out of designs to choose from and you will be able to find one that will match your son's existing wall mural and bed cover. Your boys’ room is sure to be a hit with any of our boy’s area rugs.

VisionBedding's boy's rugs are a sure-fire hit in any home with young male rapscallions.  We know they bring in dirt and mud and who knows what else, and you can achieve style and cleanliness both with the use of one of our boy's themed rugs. From dinosaur to construction equipment to airplane, our vast array of rug themes is sure to convince any boy to wipe his feet off when he comes in the front door.  As long as you remind him, first.

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