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Motocross Rugs

Motocross rugs are ideal for people who are fans of the sport or like to participate in it. They can display their passion for motocross with our rugs. The sport involves professional motocross athletes performing various stunts on the bike.

Our motocross rugs have captured the essence of the sports that involves high-flying and death-defying stunts. This is evident in the superman rug (sports rug featuring a silhouette of the rider on a pink and patterned background).

Since this an off-road sport, our motocross rugs feature riders on their bikes in different environments such as depicted in the winner rug, the moto racer en route in desert rug, and the motocross rug, featuring a rider flying his bike in the sky during an orange and black and sunset.

The flying moto rug features the rider in the sky as his head blocks the sun. We also have illustrated images featured on our rugs such as the black and white motocross dirty background rug and the motorbike riders in the wild rug, showing two riders on their bikes on an orange and yellow background.

The numero 1 rugs depict a rider in the desert as he brings his bike to a screeching stop and leaves a dust storm billowing in his wake. Have a look at the dirty tire tracks vector rug or the movie rugs, featuring a rider doing a handstand stunt.

People who practice performing motocross stunts can send in a picture of themselves on the bike to place on any decor items such as rugs, window drapes or you can even have a motocross bedding.

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