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Movie Rugs

Lots of homes are now designed with a recreation room or basement specifically for family and friends to gather and watch movies. Movie night at home should be a big event. There must be a great movie on a big screen and there must be popcorn and drinks. Also a very important aspect of movie night is a large, comfortable movie themed area rug.

This makes it easy for you to show your love for all things cinematic and design a room that is comfortable and fun for everyone. Hollywood goes all out. Why cant you? Movie stars appear on premiere night wearing beautiful gowns of soft silk and velvet, and the gentlemen are all decked out in handsome tuxedos.

They love to work hard and entertain the masses, and now you can have some of that glitz and glamour in your own home. When its time to put in a movie on a Friday night you want it to be just as fun as the premiere. Make your theater space special with a black and white film reel to accent your décor.

Or a popcorn and drink image for a funny movie house theme? 3D glasses, flashing camera lights, or even a majestic view of the Hollywood billboard can grace your theater room. How fun would it be to throw a party on Oscar night? All you would need is a durable movie themed rug and some big throw pillows for lounging and you're all set. Lights, Camera, Action! The shows about to begin.

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