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Camouflage Rugs

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Our camouflage rugs showcase all of the many colors and methods of designs used by military agencies around the world to disguise themselves in mountains, jungles, forests, deserts or snowy climates. These carpet rugs also exhibit the incredible uses of camouflage in nature, from reptiles to sea creatures to the great animals of the African plains. Teenage boys love to imagine the danger and excitement of dressing in an army uniform and its signature camouflage style. Give your son a camouflage custom size rug for his bedroom to let him enjoy the sense of surprise, toughness and discipline that these patterns bring.

Now its only a matter of which colors he wants on his carpet rug. How about camouflage made from splotches of dark brown, olive green and tree green? Or would he prefer the traditional black, brown, gray and green camouflage on his floor mat? Then decorate your living room with the wondrous camouflage patterns of the natural world. These include area rugs that display the wavy black and white stripes of a zebra, which allow it to hide from lions and other predators in the Serengeti plains of Africa.

Another carpet rug features the furry camouflage of a cheetah's black and orange spotted coat. Of course, for a cheetah, camouflage is a means of sneaky attack rather than defense. Other strange and amazing animals that utilize camouflage are pictured on floor mats that display live photo images.

These camouflage rugs include a gray stingray buried in the grayish blue sandy seafloor, as well as a green lizard hiding on a broad green leaf. Match different types and styles of camouflage together by adding our camouflage themed wall murals and pillows.

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