Pirate Rugs

Worlds biggest assortment of Pirate designed rugs. Every single design can be made into a custom size, or rug format such as a floor mat.

You love pirates because they aren't afraid of anything and don't take orders from anyone, and with our pirate rugs you'll be saluting their legacy. We have unique designs featuring all of the infamous aspects of pirate lore, such as an old treasure chest overflowing with pearl necklaces and gold chains, a message in a bottle tossed by the waves onto the sandy shores of some distant land, a treasure map with bullet holes scorched through it, a dangerous, dirty looking pirate with a parrot perched on his shoulder, and a knotted strand of rope lying on a weathered piece of parchment paper, which you can add your own words to. How much fun would it be to walk through your house on a carpet or area rug depicting a secret pirate treasure trail? This is your chance to find out. Pirate fashion is the sexiest thing around, because pirates are wild and uninhibited.

Enjoy a rug with a sexy pirate girl wearing a tiny red mini-skirt, which shows off her tattooed thighs, a pair of knee-high black leather stilettos and a busty top as she points her sword at you. For the lighter and funnier side of the pirate life, we have rug designs ideal for kids as well. Ask them which design they want on a round rug for their room.

A blue bird dressed in a pirate outfit, or a baby panda bear wearing a pirate captains hat and waving a little sword? We also have many skull and crossbones designs for your new rug. From the classic Jolly Roger, to pink skulls, a skull with wings, a skull wearing a red bandana, or the crossbones replaced with a pair of muskets or swords. Don't walk the plank; walk on your new custom size pirate rugs.

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