Skull Rugs

Worlds biggest selection of Skull designed rugs. Every single design can be made into a special size, or rug style such as a plush area rug.

Whether Halloween is just around the corner or you simply enjoy exploring the darker side of life, these skull rugs can make the perfect addition to your home. Decorating with a skull motif is often associated with those of a gothic persuasion, or maybe some serious biker hangouts, but the truth is that there are so many skull designs available that you can easily use them in any room where you want to accentuate a theme that is equal parts equal parts creepy and kooky. The penetrating eyes of the grim reaper or the classic skull and crossbones so favored by pirates are common images, but there's a wide range of possibilities for decorating your room with a dark and curious skull design. You don't even have to stick to the traditional look of bleached bone on a black background.

These simple designs lend themselves very easily to creative expression. Some bright orange fires surround the skull can add a burst of color to your area rugs, or some detailed pencil sketches can take a simple image and give it more of an artistic feel. Not interested in the scarier side of a fleshless head? There are plenty of cartoon images that take some of the scare out of the skull, and offer some cute, fun, and even silly designs.

If decorating with something of a dark or mysterious atmosphere is in your bones, these skull carpet rugs just might be what you're looking for. Whether you're pulling out a special decoration for Halloween or accentuate a cute, but slightly scary, theme for your teenager with an interest in all things goth, take a look at these rugs and matching window drapes and find that one that works for you.

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