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Skull Bedding

Skull Bedroom Decor

The skull has been a recurring image all throughout history. People die and their bodies wither away, leaving the exposed bones and craniums. Whether through mummification, or more modern methods of preservation, many people keep skulls around. Maybe it is because deep down, every human wants to feel like a master over death?.... Woah, that just got a little deep! Skulls have always interested people. This is apparent in the popularity of skull symbolism found within a wide variety of cultures and subcultures. Especially among teens and young adults, skeletons can represent many anarchist, rebellious, and cool types of passions or identities. Vision Bedding understands that people like options and originality. Nobody wants a room with bedding just like everyone else. It doesn’t matter which kinda scene you are into, you will want your skull themed room to be your very own. For all of those metal-heads, gore geeks, emo kids, punk fans, or lovers of skeletons, as long as you are in the market for that deadhead room decor, Vision Bedding has the best selection. 


Visionbedding provides the special opportunity to customize all of your bedroom necessities. There is the option to have words or even different colors printed on your skull comforters. You can put an inside joke, favorite horror movie quote, or a morbid saying on the skull duvets. For instance, if you really like the Skeleton Banner Illustration duvet cover and you want it to say "Live like We're Gonna Die Young", Vision Bedding can do that! 

Everything is printed at top quality and the images are super clear. You don't have to worry about receiving pixelized products, we'll let you save that frustration for social media posts. The choices of comforters and pillowcases will blow your mind! ... or your skull! Before you can even consider how you may want to customize your purchase, there are definitely tons of skull designs that you will have a hard time deciding between. 

Specific Styles

Here are some unique personalities that may love Vision Bedding's skull themed bedroom decor:

Grunge Style Skull Bedding: If you are a bit of a rebel who’s vibe can be summed up as, “Uh, I don't really care?”, then you might want to decorate your bedroom in a darker manner. Grunge fans want a set-up to really project that acceptance of disorder. You do not need cheery colors to be happy because you’d much rather sit in a low lit room of blacks, greys, and other muted tones. Grunge Skull duvet covers, Human Halloween bed sheets, and older style/cool retro Last Smile bed sheets. Any of these choices could be accented well by muddy reds or greys around your room. Even the simple color of a lamp or wooden desk can really make the more ornate skeletal details on the bedspread stand out without being too obvious.

Rocker Style Skull Bedding: Maybe you like life intense, and you like it LOUD. You definitely go against the flow while quite literally “rocking” your style. Rock bands are notorious for using skull imagery to insinuate their level of awesomeness, and with the Black danger bed sheets, you can continue this theme in your room. You want it to match all those band posters on your wall right?! Duvets and comforters of bold blacks, reds, and whites promote the right kind of rock anarchy that fits great with skull bedroom decor.

Hipster Style Skull Bedding: Did you liked skulls before they were cool? If you love skulls with impressive beards and mustaches then you're in luck. The Hipster Skeleton With Sunglasses has a versatile ivory background with purple/brown line work. It is not only unique (like you), but its color scheme will complement the other oddities in your room quite nicely. The Hipster Hair And Mustache Duvet Cover and Hipster Skull Sailor Duvet Cover might also be fun options to check out. The Sailor could read very "Seattle", while the Hair and mustache might read much more, "Portland". Depending on where you are considering yourself "hip", you'll want the perfect match of skull imagery. 

Pirate lover Style Skull Bedding: If you were that kid who always secretly wished you could chill with Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, why not go for the next best option? You could wake up every day on the Black Pearl using the Skeleton And Bones Duvet Cover. Try sailing the sea of dreams with the Cheerful Roger's Emblem Duvet Cover. You don't have to worry about anyone hearing you practicing your pirate voice because everyone knows that dead men tell no tales. 

Cute but dangerous Style Skull Bedding: Some girls love to live the best of both worlds. Why not be cute and feminine but also strong and edgy all in one? It’s pretty fun to own that creepy-cute style that always grabs attention. For example, the classic pink and skull duo is featured on the Pink Skeleton On A Grey Background pillowcase. And then there’s the Zombie Apocalypse Emblem Duvet Cover. This skull comforter can be printed on anything from the darkest black to even hot pink! Obviously, femininity doesn’t have to mean pink. Blue accents, black undertones, or any other color theme you are drawn to can be ordered in your favorite skull bedding style.

Hardcore Style Skull Bedding: Being hardcore doesn't have to be hard to express. One cool bed decor image is on the Diamond Eye duvet cover. This look is similar to a lot of skate brand styles that also rock artwork. On the other hand, with Vision Bedding’s Ice Skull pillowcase you can also radiate that cold aura of death metal. Finally, for all those gore enthusiasts out there, the Rose Background skull comforter covers your bed with blood red skeletons galore. 

Mysterious Style Skull Bedding: In order to have a more mysterious atmosphere in your room you’ll need something like the Ghost comforter. This smokey skull on a black background aids in an eerie semblance. The Skull with Duvet Cover will make you feel like you are in the witching hour all the time. Or, if you like the idea of a “ghost rider” style approach to your space, then the Burning Skull duvet cover is worth looking into.

Western Style Skull Bedding: You may possibly have grown up in the west. Or maybe you simply have a passion to be a sheriff of the open planes. The lonely beauty of a deadly/vast atmosphere can be emphasized with either the Buffalo Skull pillowcase or the darker and more powerful Skull Chupacabra comforter. This one really stands out and looks intimidating due to the skull’s inhumane likeness. 

Dia de Los Muertos Style Skull Bedding: Your culture might recognize skeletons as a symbol of life rather than death! You can use this skull symbol to add festivities and bright colors to your room. For instance, The Day Of The Dead Skull Vector Pattern Bed Sheet is as bold and exciting as Dia de Los Muertos skulls. The Sugar Skulls bed sheet features playfull heads with bright colors that add more light and cheerful tones to a more ominous subject matter.

Artistic Style Skull Bedding: For any artists or creative minds searching for the right skull, the Vintage Style bed sheets soften the ferocity of the centered skull with watercolor type splashes of color and flowers. The Crow Roses and Tattoo design is also great for any kind of artistic person who likes traditional tattoo designs. Your appreciation for line work and detail will only be heightened by this skull-themed bedroom decor. Take these artistic designs a step further by customizing them to fit your creative vision!

Army supporters Style Skull Bedding: Many people who join the army know for a while that they want to pursue that path. You can kick off those military dreams early by laying in a Skull in Sunglasses and a Military Helmet Comforter. Your rough and rigid lifestyle is reflected well in the many skull duvet covers that this site has to offer. Don't forget that you can decide on the specific green or grey for your skull comforters that will add duality to camo-painted bedroom walls. 

Steampunk Style Skull Bedding: If this is your favorite sub-genre trend, then you'll want to take a look at some Steampunk pillowcases. 19th-century industrial machinery and the undead totally work well together. For a subtler aesthetic approach, the Vintage Skull Graphic Design Duvet Cover has the right kind of symmetry and horror vacui that can be seen in classic steam style. 

Fan of trouble Style Skull Bedding: If you're bad and you love it, you can embrace some of the more dangerous selection of skeleton decor. The Skeleton on Sign Danger comforter has that bright yellow that screams "HAZARD" or "WARNING" to anyone who steps foot into your quarters. Express your rebellious teenage phase in a fail safe way. You're not breaking the rules, just breaking the boundaries!

History enthusiasts Skull Style Bedding: You love history and you don't care who knows it! Maybe it is your dream to spend each night in the catacombs while you inspect each skull. There is nothing quite like touching the bone that you know once belonged to a figure hundreds of years old. This vision is brought to life by the Still Life With Skulls And Bones design or the Wall of Skulls. 

Other Styles of Skull Themes: If you can't relate to any of the above styles, there's no worry, because there are so many other miscellaneous skull images out there. From checkered race flag patterns to even psychedelic marijuana designs, there is probably something for you! Just make sure to browse through all the options and see for yourself!

Skulls are merely a jumping off point for some of the styles provided. With all of VisionBedding's choices, clearly, you get so much more than just a skeleton. Your skull bedding should represent you, and this brand's wide variety of death decor can provide just that. All of the previously mentioned skull themed bedroom decor options and so much more are available to be delivered right to your doorstep. 

Skull Bedroom Set Up

If you need inspiration on how to set up your new skull style with other decorations in your room, make sure you check out some of the sites virtual layouts of room possibilities. There are examples of a hipster style room with skull decor, as well as even a girlier take on the layout. The layouts not only provide visuals of the bedding but they also display other skull decorations/colors that may interest you. 

A room is a great way to exhibit identity. When you feel down or you need a reminder of your favorite things, you want to be able to lose yourself in your bedroom with the things that you love. If you love to feel rebellious, then you will want to look for heavier qualities in the skulls you use to assemble your room. If pink is the new black, and skulls are how you show that you're free from typical tendencies, then softer tones and pastel colors may be the route to go.

Overall, skulls are sure to stay trendy as long as humans are around. So until you drop dead on your passions for all things skeletal, VisionBedding will have the selection you need to keep your room up to par. From the blackest soul to any cheery ray of sunshine, just as there are millions of types of people, there are equally as many skulls. Cranium pillowcases and skull duvet covers are more than simple interior design choices. They make a statement about the kind of person you want to be. You can start living the way you love by living among the things you enjoy. Skeletons sure are awesome and also just super cool visually, so it makes sense that you would like them. After all, why have skeletons in your closet when you can have them on your bed?

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