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Emo Bedding

Every emo kid loves to spend time in bed, relaxing, trying to work out their problems, listening to sentimental and intense music and dreaming of the future. Our emo bedding sets the perfect mood for the emo way of life, with bed sheets and comforters that depict black hearts, pink skulls, dying roses, splatters of blood and adorable gothic cartoon characters. Making skull and crossbones into cute illustrations is one of the trendiest motifs of the emo genre. Give your preteen daughter a duvet cover that matches her emo band posters or gothic patterns on the walls and clothing with a white skull wearing a little pink hair ribbon.

Other emo bedding are designs of skull out of an elaborate patchwork of out of pieces of fabric patterned in gray and black, pink and black or white and pale pink polka dots. For the emo boy, we have futon covers that picture even darker aspects of emo style. How about the pain of love represented by a heart painted with splatters of black on a futon cover for your son's bedroom? Another ideal pattern for teen boys portrays the bittersweetness of romance with a black-petaled rose finely illustrated on the white background of a duvet cover.

The rose is seen dripping tiny drops of red blood onto its dry brown leaves and stem is another design you can go for. You can also select custom emo bedding that expresses a more lively and joyful side of this modern genre of music and fashion. These bed sheets include a cascade of squishy purplish pink hearts outlined in black on a red background around the bubbly letters of EMO.

Let your tweens express their feelings and style in a dynamic way by the custom bedding - and you'll be surprised on how much they will appreciate this during this stage of your children's life!

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