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Fire Rugs

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Let our fire rugs blaze across the floor, bringing you a unique home decor that captures the awe and power of one the greatest forces of nature. We have carpet rugs that go perfectly in each room of the house, helping set different moods with distinct depictions of the many way fire is a part of our lives and the universe. Start with a floor mat for the kitchen that showcases your love of cooking. On these fire rugs, scorching blue and orange flames are shown in a close up photo of a shiny stove top.

Then add an area rug to the rec room that creates a fun atmosphere with the image of a race car speedometer that has burst into flame as it reaches 230 mile per hour. The dial is lit up with reddish orange fire on a jet black background. Your daughter will be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of one of the most elusive sights in the world.

One these carpet rugs, a solar eclipse is shown in a stunning photograph, as wavy blue flames dance around the edges of a solid black moon in a dark sky. For your boys we have floor mats inspired by their love of action movies and comic books. Here fire is depicted as a massive explosion of yellow, orange and white flames.

Give your living room the relaxation of a Buddhist temple by selecting our fire rugs that exhibit a mantle full of handmade candles. Thin white wicks are seen burning in pools of clear liquid wax that shimmer in the bottoms of dark red clay candle holders.

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