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Manatee Bath Decor

Turn your bathroom into a stunning Manatee themed oasis with a custom size shower curtain or towel.

Manatees are cute and cuddly, and are fascinating to most of us. These herbivores are loved by children because of their adorable looks and chubby body that makes them look like a stuffed toy. Our Florida manatee underwater shower curtain gives us an up-close look at this cute ocean creature that is also a distant relative of elephants. Our manatee shower curtains showcase the true life of manatees and how they spend most of their time underwater.

They move really slow and eat plants on the ocean bed. These ocean mammals are also very friendly and if you go close to them, they will try to mingle. They might not be as smart as dolphins, but these amazing beings definitely have the potential to learn different tasks as seen in our scuba diving and dugong contour bath décor. If you love animals and find manatees totally adorable, then our seekuh mutter mit baby shower curtains will definitely add to the theme of your bathroom space.

Because manatees spend most of their time under shallow waters, and are usually under the sun, their skin becomes home to algae. That’s exactly what you’ll see in our manatee shower curtains in which you can see green colored skin of manatees. These creatures are so adorable that you’d want to grab and hug them and if you want a cute theme for your bathroom, our manatee shower curtains are best for the purpose.

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