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Style Bath Decor

A beautiful home is incomplete without a lavish bathroom that is decorated with the most luxurious fittings and accessories. From the pristine bathtubs to the intricate tiles on the wall, a bathroom like this makes life so much more relaxing. Your bathroom is a place where you want to relax and that is why it needs to be decorated beautifully. Our style bath décor features some of the most posh bathroom set-ups that will make all your dreams come true.

If you offer bathroom accessories and fittings, our bath décor will be perfect for presenting your designs to the customers. With these incredible bath décor items, you can portray a picture of what your customers can expect their bathroom to look like when they buy from you. Our modern 3D render bathroom interior are great for marketing purposes.

After a long and tiring day at work, you look forward to a relaxing time in your bathtub. In fact, some of us even daydream of taking a bubble bath while still at work. The thought of relaxing in a hot water tub with candles and rose petals surrounding you makes you feel all warm and cozy on the inside. Our style bath décor represents such scenes that will make you want to pamper yourself a bit and take long, relaxing baths every day. Extend the comfort to your bed by getting a stylish bedding.

Create your bathroom in a unique and stylish way with style themed decor that reflects your personal charm. Keeping your shower curtains, bath rugs, and even towels all created in a uniquely personalized theme will make you feel refreshed when you enter. Shop through VisionBedding.com’s inventory of designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We at Vision Bedding have over 300 diverse selections for everything bathroom decor, from specifically sized shower curtains to bath mats - even the towels can match!

Products for the bathroom have to be resistant to perspiration and humidity, retain their dynamic colors while being easy to care for. At VisionBedding.com, we use eco friendly, water-based dyes to produce our designs. They are fade resistant and remain beautiful and clear. Our shower curtains are created with a water proof polyester fabric and comes with twelve small openings for buttons for effortless set up. Step out of the tub onto our one of a kind lush bath mats. The material is luxurious and like a pillow for your tootsies and on the underneath it has a strong white, anti-slip rubber mat. Our beach towels are perfectly practical and delightfully decorative while completing the  design of your style themed bathroom.

The design options for your style themed restroom are practically endless. Choose from our 899 gallery designs, all with eye popping color and long lasting with our good quality, eco-friendly, water-based dyes. Then add your own spark with the option to adjust the hue, remove an object, repeat an image that strikes you, personalize it with text, or even add your personal photo dyed straight the fabric. Once you’ve chosen your eye candy, we can custom size your shower curtain, the point of focus of your powder room, so that you won’t have to give up style to work with standard sizing.

With a one of a kind shower curtain, a custom made bath mat and an exclusive set of vacation-ready style beach towels, your lavatory will look like it just underwent a beautiful transformation. Towels work just as well for decoration as they do for practical use. Draping a unique bathroom towel over a towel rack will add another seasoning of style style to your lavatory, acting as a picture on a wall. Though, nothing will steal the show like your style shower curtain! Now go shopping and let's get to creating!

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