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Moroccan Bath Decor

You know how to whistle, don't you? Do it every time you walk into your bathroom with these custom Moroccan shower curtains. Spice up your bathroom decor with the golden turmerics and red gingers of Morocco on your shower curtain, set against nutmeg browns or brightened with green peppercorns and paprikas. Stretch the Moroccan desert out in front of you, its copper sand swirled like they were scraped with a giant rake from the base of smooth curving dunes rising into blue skies. Put bright green trees against the orange cliffs of Morocco or take camels to the sea on custom shower curtains.

Stretch a riot of colorful Moroccan earthenware across your shower. Leave orange gauze swishing from the hip of a belly dancer. Sweep lilac around the shoulders and face of a dancer like a light purple jellyfish floating in black seas.

Spread coral across your shower crushed by time to the fine powder of sand dunes under gold and silver skies. Leave the fuzzy face of a camel on a Moroccan themed bath mat. Dry off with Moroccan mosaics on custom towels.

Let a Moroccan gypsy whirl veils of seven colors into your bathroom. Leave deep footprints atop a copper dune stretching to ridges of chocolate and caramel against brilliant blue skies on a custom size bath mat. Wrap yourself up in rolling hills of curry powder glowing with a radiant golden sunburst on Moroccan themed towels.

From the markets of Marrakesh to the endless light brown dunes of the Sahara crossed by caravans of dark camels, bring Morocco to your bathroom decor with custom designs. Now put your lips together and blow.

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