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Moroccan Backdrops

Impress your photo clients with your worldliness, cultural inclusiveness and good taste by unveiling your new Moroccan backdrops. Moroccan immigrants and anyone enchanted by the beauty and mystery of the Middle East will be thrilled at the opportunity to pose in front of panoramic photos of ancient Moroccan castles, endless beaches, elaborate pottery in outdoor markets, and lovely ladies. We have photo backdrops that feature the vista of a medieval village built with sandstone in a Moroccan desert oasis. Deep green palm trees are seen rocketing up into the perfect blue sky around the tall tan walls of the old but sturdy buildings.

Go from the starkness of the desert to the rainbow of colors in the cities of Morocco with a portable backdrop that features an array of handmade earthenware creations showcased in a sunny marketplace. The bowls, mugs, vases and pots are colored with rich shades of yellow, blue, violet, orange and lavender. Of course one of the most intriguing aspects of Morocco is the tradition of belly dancing.

We offer Moroccan backdrops that portray this ancient and seductive art form. These include a photo that shows only hints of a slender woman's face as she twirls a purple veil around her head. Her stomach and a single knee are also revealed amid layers of purple silk, all set against the photographer backdrop's solid black background.

For comical portraits, work with a photo backdrop that pictures the goofy face of a big camel as it rests blissfully in the sand of the Moroccan desert. You can even convey the epic voyages that have been made by adventurers across the deserts of Morocco with our Moroccan backdrops. A wide angle photograph displays the tiny black silhouettes of three men and two camels as they march over massive sand dunes.

The top of these portable backdrops are filled with a yellow sun setting in a fiery orange sky. Exhibit the same images from your studio's backdrop collection with our Moroccan themed banners and wall art.

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