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Pop Art Bath Decor

Leave a bold brown-haired beauty contemplating you behind Foster Grants in panels of bright color and skin of creamy frappucino on custom pop art shower curtains. Or leave an Oriental woman hidden in blocks of color. Let bubbles of color pop out of a frosted bottle, or pour a couple of your favorites into cocktail glasses. Leave a peace symbol against a wall of colorful graffiti.

Splatter inks of different colors on your shower curtain, or hang white thought-bubble clouds across the shower and fill them in differently every morning. Lay the sharps and flats and whole tones of a black and white piano across your shower and start your day with a classical touch. Or ragtime.

Leave a treble clef streaming music onto a custom pop art bath mat. Turn it into a tangled bush against an xAfrican sunset on custom size towels. Put grunge in coffee colors1 with splotches and swirls of white on a custom shower curtain.

Leave a ring of fire around a full moon over purple shores lit with rainbows, palms, and stars on your bath mat. Hang a cranberry disco ball against a wall draped with swirling orange on your custom towels. Turn the treble clef into an autumn leaf and lay notes of golden song on a scarlet background.

Leave a silver microphone against peach and cherry brightened with white retro curls and snowflakes. Make your bath mat an abstract ink painting of white on fuchsia. With hearts fashioned from flowers and leaves and gray clouds bursting through a brick wall, these pop art designs will get you off to a bold start.

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